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More Immediate Operation GUI - Develop GUI in scheme in incremental & immediate mode!

Alpha version! Need some cleanup and some more widgets & demos...

Show me demos and screenshots!


Immediate Mode GUI

This means that the user never has to deal with objects (anti-oop way ;).

Some projects, written in C or C++

A Microsoft paper on the subject:

Cascading Stylesheets


Network REPL



Get & Install

You'll need chez scheme 9.4 and thunderchez Required also nanomsg-1.0, sdl-2.0.4, cairo

Checkout: You'll need fossil

fossil clone https://pizzahack.eu/fossil/miogui miogui.fossil
mkdir miogui && cd miogui && fossil open ../miogui.fossil

You can also download the latest code as a tarball: miogui-latest.tar.gz

There is a also a mirror on github.com

git clone https://github.com/ovenpasta/miogui.git

Remember to setup thunderchez properly.

Then run:

# I recommend this limit setting because our sofware is alpha. If you run into a non-tail recursion you can lock your system :)
ulimit -Sv 1000000
scheme demos/demo1.ss
# or
scheme demos/demo2.ss

Now switch to other console and type

From there you can modify the code. You ideally want to run that from inside emacs M-x run-scheme and send code with C-x C-e or C-c C-e


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